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The turnkey solution for controlling the cold chain

Effective isothermal packaging combined with an internal and external temperature recorder, as well as geolocation.

« No more temperature excursions thanks to data downloading throughout the journey, without needing to open isothermal packaging »
In partnership with Blulog, we are able to incorporate an optional data logger based on NFC technology.
The benefits :
  • Monitoring of the internal and external temperature of isothermal packaging throughout transport
  • PDF report sent to the shipper
  • Web interface for storing data graphs
  • Geolocation of temperature readings
  • Prevents temperature excursions: data downloaded via NFC (phone or reader) without opening isothermal packaging
  • A reusable datalogger
This datalogger is available to buy or to rent for our ISOGO, VYPE and PALLET SHIPPER products.

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