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Environmental and quality

A certified environmental and quality approach

Choosing EMBALL'ISO also means choosing a socially responsible company that has made a firm commitment to quality and the environment ever since it was established.

« Commitment is one of our core values: commitment to protecting our environment, commitment to offering products and services that comply with exacting and certified processes and commitment to offering our personnel pleasant working conditions. »

Controlling our energy consumption

In 2009, EMBALL'ISO decided to build its French plant and its group headquarters :
  • on a new site fully heated and air-conditioned by geothermal energy (ground source heat pump using the water table)
  • favouring natural light and high-performance thermal insulation
The environmental balance sheet is climate-neutral: zero consumption of fuel oil, gas or fossil fuel to heat and cool the plant.

Recycling and reusing our waste

Production waste is sorted and then recycled.
  • Pure polystyrene waste is compacted as much as possible and then sent to our German subsidiary for recycling. It is used to manufacture other products.
  • Non-recyclable polystyrene waste is used as alternative fuel for the nearby cement works. It releases 30% more fuel energy than traditional fuel oil.
This approach has enabled us to reduce our non-hazardous industrial waste by 90%.

Promoting the reuse of isothermal packaging

Our wide range of products includes reusable isothermal packaging, which is designed to help you reduce your costs, as well as your environmental footprint. To help you with this, we offer :
  • Rental services via our Green Rental Program, combined with software that allows you to track the location of your rented packaging in real time
  • Turnkey Reverse logistics services
  • A cleaning and quality control service (Reuse Program) for reusing your packaging in the best possible way

Managing and enhancing our quality and environmental approaches with certifications

We work in accordance with rigorous quality processes, which are intended to :
  • meet our customers' implicit and explicit needs
  • be more efficient and continue to improve ourselves
  • help our teams on a daily basis
Our efforts have been rewarded by a number of certifications :
  • ISO 9001 V 2015 certification for EMBALL'ISO France and its subsidiaries (UK, United States, Germany, China, India, Singapore)
  • PSCI certification (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative), 2014

More info on EMBALL’ISO Quality and Environment Policy