Art for science

EMBALL'ISO supports the "Art For Science" association
"The World Health Organization has published over 900 scientific reports on the benefits of art for our brains: contemplating works of art increases brain activity, which is beneficial for slowing disease and brain aging (see WHO report of 11/11/19).
Art is therefore a major asset for our vitality, our intelligence, our fulfillment and our health in a non-medicinal approach.
That's why the Art For Science association unveils the workings of the brain through both lectures and works of art."
Art For Science objectives

  • Defending and communicating the power of the brain to all
  • Revealing that art is a source of brain stimulation
  • Helping researchers in their fight against brain tumours
EMBALL'ISO actions:

  • Financial support
  • Human support
  • Discovery sessions with EMBALL'ISO employees worldwide