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High-performance single use isothermal packaging

2°C - 8°C
15°C - 25°C
-25°C -15°C
8L 14L 30L 60L
From 77 to 120h
ISOGO is one of the latest innovations from EMBALL'ISO. Equipped with BIOCORE technology, it helps you control the cold chain when shipping temperature sensitive products.

« High-performance packaging that, thanks to its outer layer of BIOCORE eutectic gel, helps you maintain the required temperature for more than 4 days in a row »
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  • Validated for exterior temperatures of between -20°C and 60°C
  • Qualified by our design office in accordance with ISTA 7D Summer and Winter standards
  • Packaging comprising insulation panels and 6 high-performance briquettes made from a phase change material (PCM) that envelop the product (BIOCORE)
  • PREMIUM range of product


  • Identical configuration, whatever the season.
  • Identical briquettes that envelop the product (BIOCORE)
  • Preparation and storage in advance at 5° C in hibernation mode


Thanks to the data logger NFC in partnership with Blulog (optional) :
  • Monitor the internal and external temperature of your isothermal packaging
  • Prevent temperature excursions: data downloaded via NFC (phone or reader) without opening the isothermal packaging
  • Geolocation of temperature readings

Competitive pricing

PU panel, single use
Packaging ISOGO
Packaging ISOGO


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