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Deep Freeze VYPE

For long shipment without re-icing

Below -70°C
From 1.5 L to 185 L
Up to 244h ISTA 7D
To transport your pharmaceutical products at very low temperatures with dry ice for more than 10 days.

« No need to refill dry ice during transport! »
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No re-icing

  • High-performance reusable shipping system made out of high-quality VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)
  • 10 days without re-icing
  • Designed and tested to ensure maximum payload protection in extreme temperatures
  • Universal Packout configuration for year-round performance
  • PREMIUM+ range of product
Combination of VIP and Dry Ice
Combination of VIP and Dry Ice


  • Modular design with optimal payload to external volume ratio to keep distribution and storage costs low
  • Simple loading and handling
  • Payload Containment System Option to make it easier to use
Payload Containment System
Payload Containment System

Payload Containment System (PCS)

  • EMBALL'ISO Payload Containment System (PCS) is an innovative solution that simplifies and secures dry ice handling.
  • With our PCS, the process becomes fast and easy, thanks to an internal box designed to contain dry ice and eliminate safety risks.
  • Simplify your loading with the PCS!