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Deep Freeze VYPE

For long shipment without re-icing

Below -70°C
From 1.5 L to 185 L
Up to 244h ISTA 7D
To transport your pharmaceutical products at very low temperatures with dry ice for more than 10 days.

« No need to refill dry ice during transport! »
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No re-icing

  • High-performance reusable shipping system made out of high-quality VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel)
  • 10 days without re-icing
  • Designed and tested to ensure maximum payload protection in extreme temperatures
  • Universal Packout configuration for year-round performance
  • PREMIUM+ range of product

Payload Containment System

• The EMBALL'ISO Payload Containment System (PCS) is an innovative solution for the safe handling of dry ice.
• This system facilitates and secures dry ice loading by using an internal box specifically designed to contain dry ice and eliminate potential safety hazards.

With PCS, dry ice loading is fast and easy, simplify your loading with PCS!
Payload Containment System
Payload Containment System
Combination of VIP and Dry Ice
Combination of VIP and Dry Ice


  • Modular design with optimal payload to external volume ratio to keep distribution and storage costs low
  • Simple loading and handling
  • Payload Containment System Option to make it easier to use