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Reverse Logistics Support

Let EMBALL'ISO manage your Reverse Logistics

EMBALL'ISO can recover your Pallet Shippers in more than 80 countries on four continents.

« Reverse Logistics Support make you save time and money while reducing your carbon footprint »

How does it work ?

EMBALL' ISO has developed an international network of subsidiaries, partners and logisticians, which allows us to recover the isothermal packaging in most countries of the world.
The products are then sent to the closest EMBALL’ISO subsidiary, to undergo the normal cycle of cleaning, repairing (if necessary) and quality control (Reuse Program).
Thanks to our global presence, we achieve economies of scale and make you benefit from it.

What are the advantages for my company?

Let us recover your Pallet Shipper after use and we shall make you benefit of advantageous rates on your next orders.
EMBALL' ISO is strongly committed to help you reduce your costs and your impact on the environment.

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Reverse Logistics Support