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High Performance Pallet Shipper

Lightweight and high performance

+15°C/ +25°C
+2°C/ +8°C
-25°C / -15°C
Euro Pallet (1213 L) US Pallet (1619 L) 2 Euro or US Pallet (3013 L)
Up to 144H ISTA 7D

The Pallet Shipper PREMIUM+ version keeps your products at the desired temperature up to 144 hours.

«Lightweight, flat packable, available in Ready-To-Use and reusable. The latest version of EMBALL’ISO Pallet Shipper has been designed to help you reduce your costs and environmental impact.»

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Very high Performance

  • Qualified by our design office in accordance with ISTA 7D Summer and Winter standards 
  • Qualified for General cargo transportation in replacement for active solutions
  • High-performance briquettes made from Phase Change Material (PCM)

Ease of use

  • Universal Packout whatever the season
  • PCM sleeves easy to use 
  • Prepare and store in advance at 5°C, +18°C or -21°C in hibernation mode
  • Euro palletized payload
  • Flatpack transport and storage
  • Assembly and disassembly in less than 6 minutes
  • Already conditioned delivery available: Ready-To-Use


Thanks to its lightweight, the ability to lay it flat to transport or store it, and the Reuse and Reverse Network program from EMBALL'ISO, HPPS allows you to reduce your costs by at least 30%.

  • Dimensions designed to reduce costs: aircraft palletizing by 4, 20 Pallet Shippers by truck
  • 30% to 46% lighter to competitors solution
  • No repositioning costs
  • No waste management costs


  • Detailed Packaging instructions and advices
  • Fulfillment study
  • On site and online training


  • 50% to 80% less CO2 emissions due to lighweight and flatpacked storage
  • Reusable after quality control and cleaning
High Performance Pallet Shipper flatpacked
High Performance Pallet Shipper flatpacked