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10 septembre 2021

WEBINAR : Brexit, Covid and the Environment on October 14 th at 2PM (London time)

Brexit, Covid and the Environment have brought a lot of new challenges.
Stéphanie Fitt, Head of Sales Europe and Christopher HARTNETT, Business Development Manager - Ireland will hold a webinar to detail how global factors can affect your Cold Chain Journey
They will look at the delays and costs associated with Brexit, the challenges posed by Covid in both packaging and constrained logistics, and environmental changes over the past 10 years to identify all the factors that can cause excursions and look at what has changed.

They will review what impacts these changes are having on packaging journey and show what EMBALL’ISO are doing to support the industry over these 3 topics:
- Brexit – Additional resources and locations to ensure less interruptions, continuity of supply and mitigate excursion risk
- Covid – Innovative packaging developments, logistics solutions to keep cost down.
- The Environment – Recycling, carbon footprint reduction and reuse of packaging.

EMBALL’ISO welcomes you to take a look at our experiences with all of these challenges and hear how we have managed to provide solutions that make a difference.

There will be a live Q&A. This webinar will also be recorded and sent to everyone who registers (if you are not able to attend).

Register today for our webinar on October 14th (2 PM London time) and join them for an engaging discussion!

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15 novembre 2021

EMBALL’ISO opens a new Service Centre in Shannon

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8 novembre 2021

WEBINAR: Sustainability in Cold Chain Logistics

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5 novembre 2021

EMBALL’ISO won the Green Supply Chain Award at BSMA 2021

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28 septembre 2021

EMBALL'ISO launches business in Japan

EMBALL'ISO S.A. established its Japanese subsidiary EMBALL'ISO JAPAN Co., Ltd. in January 2021, and from September 2021, Shuji Hotta was appointed as country manager and will launch a business in Japan.
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