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14 janvier 2020

TLX 2 cargo covers are 100% recyclable

They comply with the international conditions covering re-cyclability.

What are the conditions covering re-cyclability?

  • The product must be made with a plastic that is collected for recycling, has market value and/or is supported by a legislatively mandated program
  • The product must be sorted and aggregated into defined streams for recycling processes
  • The product can be processed and reclaimed/recycled with commercial recycling processes
  • The recycled plastic becomes a raw material that is used in the production of new products.

Any cargo cover using metal to reflect heat, cannot be re-cycled.

To avoid using metal TLX 2 cargo covers are made from 100% high-grade PP and use special patented non-metal pigments to reflect the heat from the sun. This allows TLX 2 cargo covers to be re-cycled back to a polymer and then re-processed into other products such as plastic storage boxes, paint trays, car bumpers, plant pots etc.

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