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28. Januar 2019

TLX Cargo and EMBALL’ISO agree a partnership

that allows pharmaceutical companies and airlines to have a single point of contact for the thermal protection of their shipments

TLX Cargo Thermal Blankets are now available worldwide in EMBALL’ISO commercial network. Pharmaceutical companies now have one customer consultant for the purchase or rental of passive isothermal packaging and thermal covers.


St Georges de Reneins, January 28th 2019 _ TLX Cargo, part of TLX insulation Ltd, world leading manufacturer of thin reflective insulation for 25 years, offer its Thermal blankets through EMBALL’ISO worldwide commercial network.

This new “PROTECTIVE” range of product marketed as TLX by EMBALL’ISO name is integrated to already existing isothermal solutions developed and produced by EMBALL’ISO: “STANDARD”, “PREMIUM” and “PREMIUM +” range.

In practice, pharmaceutical products requiring temperature-controlled shipments (+2°C/+8°C or +15°C/+25°C) are shipped in passive isothermal packaging such as EMBALL’ISO Pallet Shipper (with water gel based briquettes or PCM_Phase Change Material briquettes). They can also be covered by a Thermal Blanket in association with an airway bill +2°C/+8°C or +15°C/25°C. Performance, cost and product data stability are taken into account for the isothermal solution choice.

Having a single contact for all the isothermal solutions available on the market enables EMBALL’ISO to offer a solution that takes into account all factors, such as weather conditions, seasons or airwaybill quality level. For instance, on a same lane, a thermal blanket can be sufficient in summer whereas a Pallet shipper should be advised in winter. With a performing airway bill a thermal cover would be sufficient whereas on another lane, the lack of infrastructure will lead to the use of a higher performance isothermal solution.

EMBALL’ISO sales team on four continents advice their customer on the isothermal solution choice.

This Dynamic Approach suggested by EMBALL’ISO enables customer to adapt the isothermal packaging choice to its facing constraints in order to optimize costs.


Practical information:

Three TLX by EMBALL’ISO Thermal Blankets are available for the time being:

  • TLX2, recyclable, breathable and light reflectance.
  • TLX4, high infra-red radiation reflectance
  • TLXPCM the first thermal blanket with PCM, available for +2°C/+8°C and +15°C/25°C shipments


About TLX Cargo

TLX Cargo is part of TLX Insulation Ltd, the world leading manufacturer of thin reflective insulation created in 1995. Its technology has been applied to all kinds of projects ranging from the London 2012 Olympics to many historic and public buildings. TLX Cargo cover systems are designed to minimise heat build-up in the most hostile environments. Using Phase Change Material (PCM) and convection inhibitors, TLX Cargo thermal blankets are waterproof, breathable with high reflectance and exceptional thermal performance.


Since 1990, EMBALL’ISO has been successfully assisting pharmaceutical companies in optimizing the global supply chain. A world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance temperature-controlled packaging systems for the transport of pharmaceutical products, EMBALL’ISO is now an expert of turnkey Reverse Logistics and Rental solutions. EMBALL’ISO’s worldwide presence across 4 continents, with 8 production sites (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, UK and the US) and collection points in more than 80 countries helps you reuse isothermal packaging while saving time and money.


17. Mai 2019

AWARD: Innovative Cold Chain Packaging Solutions Company of the year

On May 16th, EMBALL’ISO won the award of the Innovative Cold Chain Packaging Solutions Company of the year at the Inflection Conference & Awards in Mumbai.
09. Mai 2019

Kommen Sie uns besuchen in München

EMBALL‘ISO wird auf der Messe „Air Cargo Europe“ in München von 4. bis 7. Juni 2019 ausstellen!
02. Mai 2019

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25. März 2019

Kommen Sie uns besuchen in Montreux

EMBALL‘ISO wird auf der Messe „Logipharma“ in Montreux von 9. bis 11. April 2019 ausstellen !