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17. Dezember 2018

Reusable High-Performance Packaging to Rent

EMBALL’ISO was a pioneer at developing reusable packaging and Rental solutions. After a few years of implementation, what is the return of experience of their customers?

Among the benefits of this new model, the first one mentioned by our customer is the eradication of temperature excursion and therefore quality improvement due to the use of high-performance isothermal solution they could not have afford on a sales model.

The second main benefit is the cost reduction on every aspect:

  • no more capital costs for packaging acquisition
  • fewer or no more storage costs
  • fewer conditioning costs due to the ease of use and conditioning of PCM

The last benefits we can put forward is the environmental costs because of the reuse of isothermal packaging. No waste management is needed and the entire isothermal solution (packaging + briquettes) is reused.

In a nutshell, pharma companies can drive their costs down and eradicate temperature excursions down by renting high performance reusable isothermal solution. Nevertheless, the human involvement to initiate this new process must be taken into account.

Please consider reading the article in the December 2018 World Pharma Clinical Trials Insight.


07. Mai 2020

New tools and models designed to optimise costs and protect the environment

Predict, anticipate, for better selection. Reuse to protect and make savings.
17. März 2020

Our factories are open

In the current context of a pandemic, strict confinement measures have been given in France and certain countries. We want to reassure you about the continuity of our business and our ability to meet your needs of isothermal solutions for the transport of medicines.
24. Januar 2020

Making Use of the Reusable

Awareness of the destruction that human activities are inflicting on our planet makes it essential to move away from single use items, to stop throwing things away and to start reusing them.
14. Januar 2020

TLX 2 cargo covers are 100% recyclable

They comply with the international conditions covering re-cyclability.